Voucher Program

To serve men and women with dignity and respect, Dégagé charges a small fee for many of its meals and services. With a $2 voucher, men and women can purchase a full meal, pay for storage in a locker for a week, get a haircut, buy a pair of warm socks, and much more. The staff in our Resource Office are also able to work with individuals to find solutions to other needs they may have.

Men and women sign up to help with jobs during the day to earn vouchers. You can help too!

Purchase vouchers and bless men and women seeking help on the street. Blessing them with a voucher brings them to Dégagé where staff is committed to get to know each person, calls each person by name, and builds trusting relationships to best serve each man and woman to achieve his/her personal goals.

We feel the voucher system is a helpful way to meet the needs of those we serve while encouraging appropriate and responsible behavior. Please join us in our efforts.