Wellness Center at Degage Ministries
Everyone needs nutritious food

Dining Room & Community Center

How We Help
Dining Room

7 days a week

Patrons have options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner made by our staff and volunteers. Each meal is $2 or can be purchased with a Dégagé voucher, which can be earned by doing a small chore.

Dining Room Open

7:00am – 7:00pm



Breakfast • Lunch • Dinner

We believe that everyone deserves dignity and respecT

Here’s a taste of what happens

Cups of Coffee Served Each Day

free and low-cost meals each year

Dining Room

Served on real plates & silverware


Each meal is $2.00. Customers pay with cash or a $2 Dégagé voucher


Dégagé’s Community Center is the living room of the Heartside Neighborhood

patron advocate

Community Activities

Bible study, monthly birthday party, games, movies and more

Warming and Cooling Center

7:00am – 7:00pm


On the corner of Sheldon & Cherry
Available when temperatures are over 90°F or under 32°F

community center

Here, people find a sense of community, safety, and inclusion. We also have Birthday Parties and Field Trips!

The Dining Room is located on the 1st floor of our building at the corner of Sheldon and Cherry.

Open Hours: 7:00am – 7:00pm

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