What is “Women for Dégagé” (W4D)?

An emerging group of focused women committed to making a positive impact on the lives women facing homelessness and other difficulties. They use their passion, power, skills, and connections to support Dégagé Ministries and the Open Door Women’s Center.

What is the mission of W4D?

To support the Dégagé Ministries mission:

To reflect the love of Christ to all who come through our doors by
building relationships and offering programs that foster dignity and respect.

To serve as a platform for women of the Grand Rapids community to come together to care for, support, and empower women seeking help thru Dégagé Ministries Open Door Women’s Center.

What is the Open Door Women’s Center?

The Center provides a safe haven to 40 women each night who have no other place to sleep. More than 300 individual women stay at the shelter each year at a cost of to the ministry of $30 per woman per night, or $438,000 annually. Staff is available during the day to assist with setting goals and exploring options for securing permanent, sustainable housing. Christ’s love is reflected in a welcoming environment where women are supported in making positive lifestyle changes.

Why support Degage and the Open Door Women’s Center?

The Center consistently has to turn women away due to lack of space and other resources. The Grand Rapids community needs to – and can – do better than that. W4D will help support the Center as it increases its capacity to provide shelter and services to 80 women, including women with children aged 5 or younger.

What does W4D do?

W4D engages women in our community in supporting the mission of Dégagé and its open Door Women’s Center. Members employ their energy and resources to measurably impact the lives of the women served by the Center. Their scope includes everything from developing and implementing expanded services for housing, health and wellness, education, and employment; to fundraising or collecting needed ”wish list” items; to building partnerships with businesses and other community organizations; to simply standing alongside women in need and giving love, support and friendship. W4D provides the resources needed to bridge the gap between staying at the Open Door and securing and sustaining permanent housing.

Who is W4D?

W4D is local women from all walks of life. They are women committed to helping other women in our community secure and sustain safe and affordable shelter for themselves and their children. They are caring and compassionate professionals, homemakers, business women, laborers, educators, health and wellness providers, community leaders, tradeswomen, church members, politicians, students, retirees, and all others in our community.

They are you. They are us. Together we can do so much.

Ambassador Opportunities

Ways to get Involved

Tell a friend

  • Please invite your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, church family and others to an upcoming Discover Dégagé (or invite them for a personal tour!).
  • Host a house party to introduce Dégagé (Marge and Brooke would love to attend and share information).
  • Invite Marge or Brooke to speak at your company or church.
  • Invite others to Celebrate Dégagé (November 22) or Open Door Open Hearts (mid-March).

Financial support

  • Ask companies to support W4D at $500-$1,000 to help empower the women we serve.
  • Sponsor a women for a month! The gift of $1,128 will provide one woman with 30 nights in the Open Door Women’s Center, two meals a day, laundry, and bus tickets for the month. Please ask others to join you!
  • Plan a fundraiser for the Open Door Women’s Center.
  • Help secure a new sponsor for Celebrate Dégagé (November 22).
  • Invite guests to join you at Celebrate Dégagé.
  • Write a check to Dégagé Ministries, add W4D in memo, or make gift online and add W4D in comments. You’re financial gift will be designated to support the women we serve.

Women’s Personal Items

• Amazon Wish List – Go to degageministries.org/waystogive/ and look for the Amazon box.

• Paper Wish List – Refer to the handout from the 5-7 meeting.


Please consider purchasing Dégagé vouchers to help men and women asking for assistance in the community. With the vouchers, you can offer to purchase the person in need a meal at Dégagé where we can get to know them and start to
build a relationship, restore hope, and transform lives!

Prayers & Messages of Support

• Join the prayer letter. Go to the Contact Us page and type us a message to receive the letter.
• Send letters to the women of encouragement.
• Create gift bags with candy, chapsticks, sunscreen, nail polish, gum, Dégagé vouchers, etc for the women (40 per night).
• Decorate the ladies lockers with uplifting messages, prayers, and seasonal decor.

Larger needs

• Storage unit for large donations such as furniture
• New van
• Computers
• Laptops
• IT for conference room

Volunteer Opportunities

• Join women on Monday nights for coloring and cookies
• Host knitting club, book club, or arts and craft nights
• Plan holiday parties, talent show, ice cream sundae nights
• Paint the ladies’ nails

Tell Us

• Please email W4D@degageministries.org with your special gift and/or passion and how you would like to bless the women in crisis at Degage.
• Not sure what to share? Please reach out to Brooke at brooke@degageministries.org to discuss.

Pauls’ Moms’ Cookies

  • Dégagé’s social enterprise operation that benefits the Open Door Women’s Center. In addition to the proceeds supporting this ministry, this retail cookie business provides a vital career opportunity for our former Open Door patrons.

  • Purchase cookies for your next meeting, holiday party, Open House, wedding, shower, or any other event.
  • Consider purchasing cookies for staff, co-workers, clients, neighbors, church coffee bar, etc.
  • Ask coffee shops, boutiques, and other local spots if they would consider adding Pauls’ Moms’ Cookies to their inventory.