What is “Women for Dégagé” (W4D)?

An emerging group of focused women committed to making a positive impact on the lives of women facing homelessness and other difficulties. They use their passion, power, skills, and connections to support Dégagé Ministries and the Open Door Women’s Center, as a W4D Ambassador.

What is the mission of W4D?

To support the Dégagé Ministries mission:

To reflect the love of Christ to all who come through our doors by
building relationships and offering programs that foster dignity and respect.

To serve as a platform for women of the Grand Rapids community to come together to care for, support, and empower women seeking help thru Dégagé Ministries Open Door Women’s Center.

What is the Open Door Women’s Center?

The Center provides a safe haven to 40 women each night who have no other place to sleep.  More than 300 individual women stay at the shelter each year at a cost of to the ministry of $30 per woman per night, or $438,000 annually.  Staff is available during the day to assist with setting goals and exploring options for securing permanent, sustainable housing. Christ’s love is reflected in a welcoming environment where women are supported in making positive lifestyle changes.

Why support Dégagé and the Open Door Women’s Center?

The Center consistently has to turn women away due to a lack of space and resources. The Grand Rapids community need to – and can – do better than that. Your help will make a tremendous impact on so many lives of women facing homelessness in our city. Your time, treasures, and talents are a huge blessing!

What does W4D do?

W4D engages women in our community to support the mission of Dégagé and its Open Door Women’s Center. W4D Ambassadors employ their energy casinoluck.ca and resources to measurably impact the lives of the women served by the Center. W4D provides the resources needed to bridge the gap between staying at the Open Door and securing and sustaining permanent housing. Refer to Ambassador Opportunity sheet for more information.

Who is W4D?

W4D Ambassadors are local women from all walks of life. They are women committed to helping other women in our community secure and sustain safe and affordable shelter for themselves and their children. They are caring and compassionate women in our community.

For more information on Women for Degage, please email Patty Riva at patty@degageministries.org.

They are you. They are us. Together we can do so much.

Ambassador Opportunities

Ways to get Involved

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A Place for Her

photos from the Thursday, August 22, 2019 event