Hygiene Facilities

Hygiene Facilities and Basic Needs

Dégagé provides a place to brush one’s teeth, do laundry, iron clothes, comb one’s hair, use the restroom, and wash one’s hands—all simple tasks, but tasks that can be impossible if you don’t have a place of your own.

On its second floor, Dégagé Ministries offers access to hygiene facilities as well as other services to meet basic needs. The following are highlights of services offered:

  • Private showers may be taken at no cost. Dégagé is the only place in the neighborhood where private showers are offered.
  • A laundromat allows patrons the opportunity to wash their clothing for a minimal fee.
  • Twice per week licensed professionals volunteer their time to provide haircuts.
  • Personal care bags are distributed each week with items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant and lotion.
  • Patrons can purchase underwear, socks, and shirts during operating hours.
  • Over 70 lockers are available to rent. These lockers provide a safe place for patrons to store their personal belongings while living in the mission or on the street.
  • A message center provides a mailing address for those without a permanent address.
  • Support groups such as AA, Dual Recovery and Bible Study are offered.