Faithful Friend

The Gift of Dignity and Respect

Become a Faithful Friend of Dégagé Ministries as a monthly donor and help provide hot meals, showers, shelter, and other services to those in our community. Not only will you meet a vital need in the lives of those we serve, but you will also be a part of giving the gift of dignity and respect to each person that walks through our doors.

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$250 / MONTH

Gifts 25 patrons with a Michigan State ID within our ID program

$180 / MONTH

Provides 3 patrons a hot meal every night in our Dining Room

$100 / MONTH

Contributes 50 job vouchers for our patrons

$50 / MONTH

Allows 25 patrons to wash cloths in our laundy facility

$40 / Month

Equips 23 patrons with a bus ticket to get back and forth to work

$30 / MONTH

Accommodates one night in our Open Door Women’s Center

$20 / MONTH

Gives 10 patrons a hot, private shower in our Life Enrichment Center

$10 / MONTH

Serves 40 patrons a hot cup of coffee in our Community Center

Sign up before
March 30 and receive ...

a set of specially designed
notecards by James, Dégagé patron.

Click here to become a faithful friend.